The equipment used in pesticide testing is some of the most sensitive analytical instrumentation used in laboratories. This requires a heightened level of attention and routine maintenance. Conversely, cannabis samples are some of the most complex samples ever analyzed on these instruments, effectively “gumming up” the equipment with each analysis. Pesticides analysis of cannabis samples using this high precision equipment results in significantly increased instrument downtime due to maintenance activities; both through planned preventative maintenance and reactive repairs.

Q. How does a lab overcome this increased downtime?
A. System redundancy

Our entire testing framework has our clients’ best interests in mind. Any delays experienced in the lab can equate to delays for our clients. System downtime or bottlenecks in throughput can mean lost wholesale deals and lost sales at stores. It wasn’t even a consideration for Agricor to neglect implementing redundant systems to test your products for pesticides analysis. To hope these instruments won’t require extra maintenance would be a foolish consideration and equivalent to betting on blind luck; we simply don’t take those risks.

Furthermore, our background with Agilent Technologies’ instrumentation (we were Service Engineers for Agilent Technologies in our former business) has provided us the skillsets and capabilities to service the equipment along with the knowledge of the frequently failed parts to have on hand.

The result: the fastest time to get systems back on-line when they do go down for scheduled maintenance.

What does this mean for you?

Highest capacity and shortest instrument downtime translates to reduced delays to get your test results and your product to market.

Make no mistake about it, it’s not a question of if, but when these samples cause these instruments to go down, resulting in delays for laboratories who haven’t properly prepared. Agricor has invested in duplicate UHPLC/QQQ systems, prepared for redundancy in pesticides analysis, and is extremely efficient at maintaining instrument up-time. We’ve taken every measure to minimize delays and maximize throughput to get your product to the market faster.

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