Microbial Contamination Testing

Agricor Laboratories is certified with the State of Colorado to test for Microbial Contamination. Our highly-trained microbiologists work closely with our clients to uncover potential issues before they become a problem.

Which Microbials do we Test?

We are certified to test for:
Shiga toxin producing E.coli, Salmonella, and Total Yeasts & Molds.

Escherichia coli (STEC)


Total Yeasts & Mold

Turn-around Times

Our turn-around time for Microbial Contamination testing is 3 days (samples delivered before 10:30am). We have the shortest turn times in the industry, getting your product to market with minimal delays.


Required Sample Size

The required sample size is dependent on the size of your harvest batch or production batch per 4-110 – Regulated Marijuana Testing Program: Sampling Procedures.


Instrumentation Used

We perform our microbial contaminant testing on QIAGEN qPCR instrumentation for E.coli and Salmonella screening and traditional culture plating for Total Yeasts & Molds. 

Having the right equipment is critical, but it is only one piece of the Agricor Validated Laboratory System. Our lab is the ONLY cannabis testing facility set to the same standards of a Pharmaceutical Laboratory. By following Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) we deliver the most accurate results in the industry.

qiagen rotor gene q

Agricor Environmental Monitoring

We offer our clients onsite facility inspection and consultation to determine the root cause of contamination and to develop Best Practices.
To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at: (720) 460-3489.