MED Industry Bulletin 20-05

RE: Frequently Asked Questions – MED Response to COVID-19

On April 16th, the MED released MED Industry-Wide Bulletin 20-05. The Bulletin answers quite a few questions the industry has had around curbside pick-up, online/telephone ordering and payments, cash payments, local juridition vs. State Licensing Authority’s Emergency Rules, the use of drive-thru windows, Cashless ATM, and more.


  • If local jurisdiction doesn’t allow curbside pick-up, it supercedes the State Licensing Authority’s Emergency Rule regarding curbside pick-up.
  • Online/telephone ordering allowed for medical and retail.
  • “Drive-thru” or “walk-up” windows allowed.
  • Employees cannot take orders outside the licensed premises with a tablet (iPad) or notepad.
  • Customers can place online orders or telephone orders while waiting outside.

Agricor is open and doubled capacity

As a critical step in your production, we’ve secured resources from our suppliers and have a dedicated full team. In accordance with the emergency rule, we’ve expanded our lab to support your increased demand with the same turn-around times.

Clearly, not everything goes as planned. If you’re having microbial, heavy metals, or formulation issues, please give us a call at (720) 460-3489 or send an email to

We’re here for you!