Industrial Hemp Testing

Agricor Laboratories is licensed with the State of Colorado for Industrial Hemp Testing. If you are a Colorado-based CBD infused product manufacturer, we can assist you with accurate, MED-compliant hemp testing for sales in medical and retail marijuana dispensaries.

CDPHE registered hemp businesses

Colorado businesses that manufacture hemp-based, CBD products, can test at Agricor Laboratories. Required for sales to medical and retail marijuana dispensaries.


  • CDPHE registration

  • Testing is required prior to sales at medical and retail marijuana dispensaries

Required tests:


Testing with Botanacor Laboratories

Botanacor Laboratories is our sister lab and our recommended choice for all hemp businesses that are in Colorado and out-of-state.

Recommended for:

  • CDA registered hemp farmers

  • CDPHE licensed businesses

  • All out-of-state hemp and CBD businesses and international businesses


  • Open to all hemp and CBD businesses nationwide

  • METRC not required

  • No state/federal reporting or tracking