The Colorado cannabis marketplace is maturing and becoming more difficult for manufacturers to stand out. There is a wide selection of products to choose from with varying quality and price. As a wholesale manufacturer, how do you separate yourself from the competition? As a purchaser, how do you find the product that is right for your operation?

As consumers become more savvy, the cannabinoid profile won’t be the only metric they consider when making their purchasing decision. The terpene profile is becoming an important component of a successful cannabis product.

Agricor Laboratories has developed the only truly quantifiable terpene profile analysis in the State of Colorado. We looked at the most common method for terpene analysis and determined that it was unreliable for a natural product like cannabis. We are the only marijuana testing facility to use GC-Mass Spectrometry. This method gives us three levels of confirmation that is accurate and defendable.

  • 23 different terpenes
  • Quantifiable data using GC-MS (Gas Chromatography with Mass Spec)
  • Chemical “Fingerprinting” gives us three levels of confirmation.

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Agricor Laboratories with give you the peace of mind that you’re business is getting the right analytical answer. Our methods and processes have been thoroughly validated to ensure accuracy and repeatability in the data we provide. We’re ISO 17025 certified and follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). To learn more, feel free to give us a call at (720) 460-3489 or contact us at