Everyone that works at Agricor Laboratories has a strong background working in the Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences industries. We follow strict GMP and GLP guidelines and have set up our laboratory to be on par with what you would find in an FDA-regulated laboratory. We also take our jobs very seriously so it is disheartening to hear reports from Washington that some laboratories are falsifying data. In the chemistry world, we call that “dry labbing”. Real Cannabis testing  is needed to not only protect consumer safety, but to legitimize the Industry to the rest of the world. Testing cannabis in a Validated Testing Facility is the only way to ensure accuracy and reliability.

An analysis of the labs that test legal marijuana in Washington found that some appear to be more friendly to industry than others in their results, leading to calls for stricter state oversight.

Some state-certified marijuana labs testing for microbes such as E.coli and mold appear more friendly to pot merchants than others, according to an analysis by a Woodinville data scientist.

Four labs rejected none of the pot they tested over a three-month period last year, according to the analysis by Jim MacRae. Four other labs failed more than 12 percent of samples tested over the same time, with two labs rejecting 44 percent of samples for microbes.

“It’s almost impossible for that to happen,” said David Lampach, co-founder of Steep Hill Labs in Tukwila, of the disparity.

Read Bob Young’s report, ‘Some pot labs in state failed no pot at all, says scientist’ at: [Washington Times].