This is great news for the Cannabis industry in Oregon. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will be requiring Cannabis Testing Labs to get accreditation through The NELAC Institute (TNI) mandatory standards. The Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) will use these standards to accredit labs.

The accreditation process will require particularly robust quality control systems in labs. “Accreditation to the TNI Standard means that lab quality systems will require a documentation system, training procedures, record keeping, personnel requirements, organization details, proof of no conflicts of interest and corrective actions if noncompliant,” adds Swantek. “We single out each method or procedure, look at their raw data and proficiency testing and determine if they are meeting the technical requirements.”

New sampling guidelines will also be required.

One of the biggest changes coming to Oregon cannabis testing is the new sampling requirement. “An accredited laboratory employee must take the sample because sampling is where a lack of training or outright fraud is skewing results, which occurs when a grower brings in a sample not representative of the batch,” adds Swantek.


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