Dear Licensed Marijuana Industry,

I’m writing to introduce one of the most exciting events to hit Cannabis analytics since testing began. Agricor Laboratories has launched the first-ever truly quantitative Terpene analysis for marijuana flower and concentrate products. On November 1st, we ran a soft-launch to challenge our ancillary systems, ensuring they would support the changes.

Over the course of the last two years, Agricor has been in development of a quantitative Terpene test method using highly specialized GC with tandem Mass Spectrometry Detection (MSD). During that time, we not only proved the necessity for use of MSD over Flame Ionization Detection (FID), but also overcame multiple challenges to get the method to a state where it is considered scientifically valid. We went back to the proverbial drawing board literally dozens of times in effort to fine-tune the method to achieve accuracy and reproducibility for every Terpene analyte on our panel. After the method was considered suitable, we put it to the test through a comprehensive validation initiative. In fact, to meet our validation criteria, the method had to meet method validation challenges consistent with the FDA-regulated Pharmaceutical Industry. Reason being, merely meeting the minimal requirements set in the Marijuana Testing Industry is the very reason why the industry still struggles with inconsistent test results to this day. Unacceptable.

To that end, we’ve accomplished the most comprehensive and robust Terpene analysis method validation in the industry, resulting in the first truly quantitative Terpene test method designed to achieve Accuracy, Selectivity, Linearity, Reproducibility, and Repeatability across our Range for each of the 23 Terpenes in our panel. This was accomplished in the presence of numerous interfering naturally occurring phytochemicals found in marijuana flower and marijuana-derived concentrates and executed in the only cGMP marijuana testing laboratory in the State of Colorado – unprecedented in Terpene analysis.

We’ve changed the paradigm in Terpene analysis. For the first time, the industry has a resource to obtain the correct Terpene value with scientific legitimacy to support it.

We invite you to visit our Terpene Analysis page to learn more. We know you’ll see the difference in your test results.


Mike Branvold
Agricor Laboratories

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