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Mike Branvold, President
Agricor Laboratories

Denver, Colorado, July 5th, 2017 – Agricor Laboratories, the leading marijuana testing facility in Colorado is pleased to announce that they have been granted ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA), after a thorough assessment and review of its quality management system and competence to perform specific tests/calibrations/inspections/certifications.

This achievement of A2LA accreditation demonstrates Agricor Laboratories’ competence to manage and perform the activities defined by its A2LA Scope of Accreditation (A2LA Certificate #4329.01). These activities include testing Cannabis (marijuana) flower, concentrate, topical, and edible products from state licensed medical, recreational, and hemp customers. Specifically, the testing includes Cannabinoid Potency Determination, Residual Solvent Determination, Bioburden Testing for STEC and Salmonella, and Bioburden Testing for Total Yeast and Mold.

“Attaining accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025 confirms our commitment to providing accurate analytical laboratory services for the marijuana industry in Colorado,” said Mike Branvold, President of Agricor Laboratories.


Agricor Laboratories is a State-certified marijuana testing laboratory based in Denver, Colorado. Agricor’s mission is to provide the most accurate, transparent, and consistent laboratory services for Colorado marijuana cultivators and infused product manufacturers.


A2LA is the largest U.S.-based, multi-discipline accreditation body with over 35 years of experience providing internationally recognized accreditation services and quality training. A2LA’s world-class accreditation services encompass testing and calibration laboratories, medical testing laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, reference material producers and product certification bodies. Organizations are accredited to international standards and field-specific requirements developed with government and industry collaboration. A2LA also offers a wide variety of both public and private on-site training programs to complement the various accreditation programs.

UPDATE: 08/31/18

On August 31, 2018, Agricor Laboratories received additional accreditation for Pesticides Contamination Determination (HPLC-QQQ).

UPDATE:  08/31/19

On August 31, 2019, Agricor Laboratories received additional accreditation for Mycotoxin Contamination Determination (HPLC-QQQ).