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Denver, Colorado, February 7th, 2018 – Agricor Laboratories, the leading marijuana testing facility in Colorado is pleased to announce that they are the first Marijuana Testing Laboratory awarded Certification for Pesticide Analysis in the State of Colorado.

“For the past year and a half, we have focused our efforts on developing, optimizing, and validating our pesticide test method to ensure it meets the highest level of regulatory oversight and to hold up in the court of law. Our dedication to accuracy and repeatability paid off as we easily satisfied the CDPHE audit requirements and met the defined specifications—fast tracking our way to certification,” — Mike Branvold, President of Agricor Laboratories.

Agricor is now accepting Medical and Retail Marijuana Flower/Trim samples from licensed Medical and Retail Marijuana Businesses for optional Pesticide Testing.



On November 12, 2015, Governor John W. Hickenlooper issued an Executive Order stating that marijuana contaminated by an Off-Label Pesticide constitutes a threat to public safety. In essence, the Governor established a zero tolerance policy until the MED could determine a specification limit and the CDPHE set up a certification program. After the Executive Order was issued, some marijuana testing facilities began offering “R&D pesticide testing” to licensed facilities.

Several concerning factors resulted from “R&D” testing:

  1. The testing labs that opted to perform “R&D” testing and found the presence of Off-Label Pesticide(s) were required to fail the sample based on the current zero tolerance policy. Some labs were passing tests, even when they found pesticides, blatantly ignoring their legal responsibility to the industry and consumers;
  2. “R&D” testing was performed using unvalidated test methods and without independent certification by the CDPHE; and
  3. Labs that offered “R&D” testing were essentially using their clients as guinea pigs, while they continued to develop their test methods.

Agricor opted to go a different route. We made the business decision to forgo offering pesticide testing until there was a specification limit, a certification process, and until our test method was validated. Offering pesticide testing using an unvalidated method and without state guidance on limits and certification is reckless and ultimately doing the industry a disservice.

We elected to steer clear of the potential legal ramifications that would likely ensue from accepting those practices. Additionally, we felt it was only fair to spend our resources developing our test method on our dime—not yours.


Agricor Laboratories invested in the highest end instrumentation in the industry. Our Agilent 1290/6460 UHPLC/QQQ system is considered the gold standard in pesticide analysis, both within and outside of the marijuana testing industry. Why didn’t we didn’t skimp on our instrumentation? To ensure we reduce the occurrence of generating False Positives and False Negatives – both of which are a highly likely using outdated and inferior technology. The pesticide tolerance levels defined in the State of Colorado are at such low levels that inadequate equipment will play a significant part in reliability of the generated data.


Not only did Agricor source the top-end pesticide analysis equipment, we replicated that system and have two identical Agilent 1290/6460 systems in our laboratory. This not only translates to doubling our capacity to ensure we keep pace with the volume of the industry, but we’ve also intentionally built in system redundancy. Triple Quad (QQQ) Mass Spectrometers require constant attention and routine maintenance, significantly more than the typical ‘vanilla’ HPLC’s used in cannabinoid testing. Therefore, these QQQ systems are out of service for maintenance much more often and the need for redundant systems becomes increasingly more important to minimize delivery of test results. If a laboratory hasn’t considered these redundancies, their customer will inevitably experience delays in receiving sample results. It’s not a question of if, but when.

Agricor has taken every measure to minimize delays and maximize throughput to get your product to the market faster.


Agricor Laboratories is a State-certified marijuana testing laboratory based in Denver, Colorado. Agricor’s mission is to provide the most accurate, transparent, and consistent laboratory services for Colorado marijuana cultivators and infused product manufacturers.

Pesticide Testing using an un-validated and un-certified method can have a potential negative impact on your operation. Agricor Laboratories will give you the peace of mind that you’re getting the right analytical answer. Our methods and processes have been thoroughly validated to ensure accuracy and repeatability in the data we provide. We’re ISO 17025 certified and follow current Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices.

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