On January 30, 2017, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) issued an Industry-wide bulletin stating,

In the interest of public safety, the MED is requiring all Retail Marijuana Cultivation Licenses (RMC) and Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturing Facility Licenses (RMPMF) that have obtained process validation according to MED Rule R 1501 (B) to submit a single Test Batch from a Harvest Batch or Production Batch so that it can be tested for total yeast and mold.

This was in response to the CDPHE’s notice to licensed testing facilities that required an update to their Total Yeast & Mold test method. Specifically, laboratories who are releasing Total Yeast & Mold test results using 3M’s Rapid Yeast & Mold Petrifilm in 48 hours are now required to incubate for 60 – 72 hours.

Read the full bulletin here.

Key Takeaways

  • This only affects Retail Marijuana Cultivation and Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturing Facility Licensees that are process validated for Microbial Contamination.
  • If the licensee plans to transfer product in the month of February 2017, they must submit a single Test Batch from a Harvest Batch or a Production Batch for Total Yeast & Mold Testing. This Test Batch must be submitted before March 1, 2017.
  • If the licensee doesn’t plan to transfer product in the month of February 2017, they must submit one Test Batch from a Harvest Batch or a Production Batch prior to any package leaving the licensed premises in any subsequent month.
  • If the single test passes for total yeast and mold, the process validation remains effective. If the single test fails for total yeast and mold, the licensee must revalidate per MED Rule R 1501 (F)(2) and remediate (or destroy) the failed Production Batch or Harvest Batch per MED Rule R 1507 (B). 

Our Commitment to Science

Agricor Laboratories validated our Total Yeast & Molds test method to 60 – 72 hours according to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures and according to good scientific processes.  Our method validation concluded the same findings as recommended by the manufacturer.  From our first test to present, Agricor Laboratories has been executing our Total Yeast & Molds according to our properly validated test method.

In response to the MED’s new requirement, Agricor Laboratories is required to change nothing to our test method. No further demonstration that our method works suitably, no impact to our reported results, no change in our turn-around times. Our microbial contaminants test method was validated to industry standards, consistent with all other Agricultural, Food, and Pharmaceutical industry standard practices, and already meets the MED’s updated requirement.

As regulations and other laboratories strive to make corrections to catch up to industry standards, Agricor Laboratories will continue to set the bar in Cannabis testing and provide you with confidence in your test results.  Rest assured that Agricor Laboratories generates the most reliable data in the industry and our customer benefit from our efforts.

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