On December 28th, 2016, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) sent out an Industry-wide bulletin stating that the Random Testing Program will begin.

Over the next several days the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) will begin implementation of the random testing program in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes 12-43.3-202 (2.5)(a)(I)(F) and 12-43.4-202 (3)(a)(IV)(F). This statute tasks the State Licensing Authority with the responsibility to, “…determine the protocols and frequency of marijuana testing by licensees.” …Further, MED Rule M 1502 (A) Medical Marijuana Testing Program- Mandatory Testing & MED Rule R 1502 (A) Retail Marijuana Testing Program- Mandatory Testing grant the MED the authority to require a license to submit a Test Batch of marijuana to a testing facility, “…at any time regardless of whether its process has been validated and without notice.

Key takeaways:

  • Random Testing will apply to both Medical and Recreational marijuana businesses.
  • MED staff will select a harvest batch or production batch of their choice for random testing.
  • Licensee is responsible for submitting the sample, via METRC, to a testing facility that is certified for the type of test requested.
  • Batches will be put on hold and cannot be moved until testing has been completed.

To read the full Industry Bulletin, click the link below.