Homogeneity Testing

Agricor Laboratories is certified with the State of Colorado to test for homogeneity of infused products. Homogenous distribution of THC in manufactured MIPs batches ensures safety and efficacy in each product.

How is homogeneity determined?

A marijuana product is considered to be homogeneous if 10% of the infused portion contains less than 20% of the total THC contained within the entire marijuana product.

Why is homogeneity important?

Ensuring that THC is distributed uniformly throughout a batch of a Marijuana Infused Product (MIP) provides users with the assurance of a consistently prepared edible. A user who may be accustomed to a chocolate bar containing 50mg of THC will know what effect to expect when he/she consumes that bar.

Turn-around Times

Our standard turn-around time for homogeneity is 48 hours based on receiving the sample before 10:30am. We also offer expedited turn-around times per customer request.


Required Sample Size

The required sample size is dependent on the size of your harvest batch or production batch per 4-110 – Regulated Marijuana Testing Program: Sampling Procedures.


Formulation Consulting

We work with our MIP clients to refine process controls so they can provide a more consistent product.
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