Industrial Hemp Testing 

Agricor Laboratories is licensed with the State of Colorado for Industrial Hemp Testing.
Our process controls meet cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) requirements. Protect your investment and get accurate hemp testing
through Agricor Laboratories.

Our Laboratory Services

Potency Testing

  • Cannabinoids Tested: THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBN, and CBG
  • Turn Around Time: 2 business days
  • Sample Size required: 0.5 grams

Microbial Contamination

  • Contaminants Tested: E.Coli, Salmonella, and Total Count of Yeast and Molds
  • Turn Time: 3 business days (drop-off by 10:30 AM)
  • Sample Size required: 2.5 grams

Residual Solvent Analysis

  • Solvents Tested: Butane, Hexane, Heptane, Benzene, Toluene, and Total Xylenes
  • Turn Around Time: 2 business days
  • Sample Size required: 0.5 grams

Sample Submission via METRC

You can now, on a voluntary basis, have your industrial hemp tested through Agricor Laboratories for THC potency. As required by the Colorado state legislature, the system that the CDA coordinated with to track your industrial hemp sample and communicate test results is METRC

To learn more about registering through METRC:

Botanacor Services

Sample Submission via Botanacor Services

If you’re not currently registered through METRC, we recommend contacting Botancor Services for accurate third-party hemp testing. Botanacor doesn’t require METRC registration.

(720) 460-3489