Editor’s Note: Agricor Laboratories is proud to announce our new Agricor Education Series of “Ted Talk” style presentations. The intent is to provide the industry with a better understanding of Cannabis testing and how it relates to their operation.

Our first topic dives into the science behind Residual Solvent Analysis. Accurately testing for residual solvents in cannabis products is a complex process that requires the right equipment and method. Join Agricor Labs for an in depth look at the limitations of the most common testing method and why Agricor chose to go a different, more difficult route.

 Understanding Your Test Results – Residual Solvents Analysis

Duration: 1 Hour (plus Q & A)

Speaker: Mike Branvold, Director of Business Development, Agricor Laboratories

The growing concern for accurate and reliable test results is now higher than ever and industry is left taking a leap of faith in choosing their preferred testing laboratory. Cultivation facilities and MIPs manufacturers routinely make critical business decisions based on the test results generated from their partnered testing laboratory. Test results can have a significant financial impact and inaccurate results can cost a cultivation or MIP facility tens of thousands of dollars per incidence.

In this series we explore how testing laboratories generate results, the key components to deriving accurate test results, and provide you with basic questions to evaluate your partnered testing laboratory.

By the end of this discussion, you will:

  • Have an overview of the challenges of analyzing Residual Solvents in Cannabis matrices.
  • Learn the differences between laboratory instrumentation used to generate test results for Residual Solvents.
  • Understand the basic concept of what it takes to generate reliable Residual Solvents test results.

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